Meeting Room Use Policy

Meeting Room Use Policy
1. The Otterbein Public Library provides a meeting room for public use by the community. Priority is given to library-sponsored activities. Availability for others is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. When not already reserved, the meeting rooms are available for walk-in use.
2. The meeting rooms are available during Library operating hours, unless the requesting group or individual arranges to use the meeting room key for after hours use. Meeting room keys must be signed in and out by a requesting individual on a Key Signature Page with current contact information.
3. Minors may not request use of a meeting room.
4. The meeting rooms are available free of charge. Donations are accepted. However, if Library staff is required, there will be a fee of $10 per hour. There will also be a fee of $300 for unreturned keys.
5. The Library assumes no responsibility for personal belongings of those attending meetings or for injuries incurred during non-library sponsored meetings. The individual who signs the reservation form shall be held responsible for any damage or loss to the meeting rooms and their equipment.
6. The public may access the meeting rooms through the front entrance to the Library or the east side entrance to the meeting rooms. During closed hours, only entrance through the east side entrance is permitted. There will be no access to the main portion of the Library during closed hours.
7. Use of the meeting room by an individual and/or group does not imply endorsement by the Library, its staff, or the Board of Trustees toward the ideas and actions presented at the event.
8. Charging an admission fee or any collection of fees connected to the use of the Library’s meeting room is strictly prohibited. The meeting room may not be used to solicit Library patrons, including but not limited to sales, politics, or religion. However, the Library is not responsible for what is presented or any solicitation that may occur during public use of the meeting room.
9. Users may not store equipment and supplies at the library beyond their scheduled meeting room times.
10. Only the serving of light refreshments is allowed. No open flames are allowed. Under no circumstances may alcoholic beverages be served.
11. As in all parts of the Library, smoking is not allowed.
12. The Library does not provide supplies for non-library sponsored events.
13. Requesting parties are responsible for the arrangement of furniture and the return to its former position. This includes turning off all lights and equipment, including those used in the restrooms.
14. A media projector, projector screen, TV, VCR and DVD player are available, but arrangements must be made at the time of scheduling. Equipment may require staff assistance.
15. Cleaning equipment is available for the room. Trash must be placed in bags and the room cleaned when finished. The requesting parties are responsible for any cleaning and any damage that may have been done to the room or equipment during its use; and, the responsible parties may receive a bill for the amount of damages or cleaning necessary after use.
16. Meeting room equipment may not leave the building unless it is accompanied by a staff member. All other requests for use of this equipment must be approved by the Board of Trustees.
17. The Library Board of Trustees has given the Library Director the authority to supervise program use and interpret these policies.
18. The Library Director and/or the Board of Trustees have the right to waive these regulations whenever it is in the best interest of the community or the Library. The Board of Trustees also reserves the right to alter these rules to fit the needs of the community or the Library.
19. Anyone in violation of this policy may be denied future use of the Library’s meeting rooms.

[Adopted 4/2008; Revised 5/2010; 9/2011; 6/2012; 6/2013]

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