The following policies may be of interest to Otterbein Public Library patrons. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact us.

For the complete Policy Manual, click the following link:
Policy Manual–Updated jan.2015 (2) (1)

Policy Manual Highlights Include but are not limited to:
Mission Statement
Providing materials and programs to educate and entertain our patrons.

General Library Objectives
a) To assemble, preserve and administer an organized collection of books and related educational, informational, and recreational materials in order to promote through the guidance and stimulation the communication of ideas, a more informed citizenry and enriched personal lives.
b) To be aware of the needs of the community and meet those needs as effectively as possible through new programs and appropriate materials.
c) To keep informed regarding the latest and most effective sources of professional library services and methods in order that they may be incorporated into the library whenever it is deemed practical and more efficient to do so.

Proctoring Policy
The Library provides certified staff to proctor exams for area residents. Students will be responsible for all costs associated with exam proctoring. The student is also responsible for scheduling exams and timely arrival. The Library holds no responsibility for fees charged, lost information, scheduling unavailability, or ensuring the exam is completed.

Circulation Policy
Overdue materials incur fines of 25¢ per day per item with a $10.00 fine cap per item. A patron must present their library card or proper identification to show their account is in good standing in order to borrow materials. A patron’s account will be blocked if the patron has 25 or more overdue items, or owes more than $10 in unpaid fines or fees. A maximum of 100 items may be charged simultaneously on any card. There is a maximum limit of 10 DVDs, 10 videos, and 1 gaming software items per library card.
Books and audiobooks may be checked out for a period of three weeks. All other items, including DVDs, Blue-Ray, electronic games, software and CD-roms, periodicals, may be checked out for a period of one week. These items may be renewed for one additional check out period if there are no patron requests for the item. Items will be held for patron requests for up to one week.
Items will have a “New Item” status for a period of six months. New books will have a check out period of two weeks. New DVDs will have a check out period of three days. Any item that has a “New Item” status will not be eligible for renewal and will have a patron request holding period of three days.

Computer Use
All patrons using library computers must agree to follow the Computer Use Policy:

  1. Public access computers and wireless Internet access are provided to adult and school age patrons. Patrons younger than 18 years must have a signed guardian’s consent form on file to use the unfiltered Internet.
  2. Unacceptable use of library computers will lead to disciplinary action, including loss of computer use privileges. Unacceptable use includes, but is not limited to:

Disrupting other computer users
Displaying obscene material
Tampering with computer software or hardware
Actions which violate federal, state, or local laws

  1. Patrons who wish to use a computer must request a computer at the service desk. Library staff will assign patrons to a computer. Once assigned a computer, patrons may not switch computers without staff permission and will be limited to one hour of use. Staff may allow patrons to continue use after one hour if no other patrons are waiting.
  2. The library is not responsible for lost information in the event of power or equipment failure.


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