The Indiana Collection

The Indiana Collection is a favorite among our patrons.

The Indiana Collection is a favorite among our patrons.

*Currently being relocated.

Located in the southwest corner of our library, surrounded by windows that look onto the center of town, this section is both a great resource and a relaxing place to read, work, or study. Our collection includes a special area dedicated to Indiana.  This section features numerous books about Indiana history, both local and statewide.  It also highlights works of fiction from Indiana authors.

The Indiana Room also is home to the history of Otterbein, Indiana. Here you will find photos of previous Librarian Directors, OHS trophies, and links to NASA. We are currently seeking Otterbein High School and Otterbein Elementary School Yearbooks to complete our collection. Old maps and photographs are also greatly appreciated. You do not have to give them up, just let us scan them so we can have a copy to share with the rest of our community! Help us improve our Otterbein reference section.

Our OPL Genealogy Club meets here the second Monday of every month. Currently our Program Coordinator is cataloging Otterbein history given to the Library. Previous churches in town and residents have donated pictures, articles, etc. Once cataloged it will be easier to reference.

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