The 150 Project

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Otterbein 150 Project! This limited engagement project has been formed to preserve the history of Otterbein, IN and its people for the next 150 years – and is only possible through the support of our community. 

The project is seeking funds to support an exhibit that will be on display at the Otterbein Public Library August 4-December 31, 2022 titled “Otterbein Artifacts: History Preserved”. This exhibit will consist of items loaned and donated by the Otterbein community, showcasing the history of the people and businesses that have resided in the area. Funds needed for this exhibit would support purchasing mannequins to display clothing, pay for printing costs associated with reproducing photos and newspapers that will be on display, as well as offset the cost of additional materials needed to create an effective exhibit honoring the history of the town.

The project will also be publishing a book of Otterbein’s history, slated to begin in the last half of 2022. This book will share the written history of the town, from when it was platted originally in 1872 by town founder Otterbein Brown, to today. The book will be selling ad space, which is a powerful way to show your support of the project and the town at large in something that will be read and shared for decades to come. We are offering quarter ($50), half ($125), and full-page ($250) ads. 

Producing a project of this scale is expensive, with total project costs estimated at $7,500 – and we are looking for your support in achieving this goal. Through the support of additional funding provided by match-based grants, monies donated in support of this project go further! Your dollars will be put into a project-designed donation fund supporting both the exhibit and book publication. As a result – donors benefit through recognition during both the exhibit’s 6-month run, and the published book. 

 All businesses and individuals who support this project will receive recognition on a display board (list format) that will be on display throughout the exhibit, shared on social media (, as well as listed in the final Sesquicentnennial history book, to be printed in 2023. Ads will be printed in full-color and placed throughout the book. We are looking for a ready-to-print ad from your business or organization. 

Businesses and organizations are encouraged to purchase ad space, whereas individuals are encouraged to support the matching gift fund, and will be notated on the exhibit support board and in the published book as matching gift contributors.
For questions regarding financial contributions, or to learn more about the Otterbein 150 Project, please contact Project Manager Brooke Sauter at or (219) 250.0237. Thank you for your support of this project. You are helping to preserve the history of the Town of Otterbein and its vibrant community for the next 150 years!

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