Otterbein Public Library Public Health Emergency Practices

The Otterbein Public Library is committed to serving its patrons and the community and has continued to provide services while the physical facility is closed to the public.  The following outlines the services the Library offers, and the measures we have taken to keep those services safe for patrons and staff.


Little, Free Libraries

The Otterbein Public Library maintains the stock of three Little Free Libraries off of the main library campus: in Thompson Park in downtown Otterbein, at the Fellure Foods at the east end of town, and at an intersection in Green Hill, supporting Medina Township in Warren county.  These little libraries were donated by the Otterbein Rotary Club, and contain books and materials which have no circulation requirements and may be taken freely.

Curb Service Check-out Mondays

Each Monday, the Otterbein Public Library has offered Curb Service Check-Outs, where we accept requests for materials in our physical collection and check them out to the requesting patron, bagging the materials and delivering them to patrons on their arrival.

Returned Material Quarantine Period

All materials returned to the library through the exterior media and book drops go through a quarantine period of no less than 5 Days.  These materials are collected from the drop by a staff member wearing protective equipment, and are not checked in until this span has passed, allowing any potential contagion hazard to expire.  Only after this period is observed will these items be shown as Available in our system, and may be checked out again.

Public Wi-Fi

The Library’s secure Wi-Fi is open to public use at all hours, accessible from the parking lot and nearby outdoor benches.  This service has seen continual use since it was extended from being accessible only during open hours to its current continual operation during the Public Health Emergency.

Phone Support Hours

During weekdays, OPL staff members are on hand to answer questions and accept requests for upcoming Curb Service.  We have provided Evergreen Library System support for OPL patrons and have assisted when patrons have sought access to eBooks using Overdrive and Libby apps.  Voicemail is checked daily.  Call (765) 583-2107

Computer Use by Appointment

Patron Computers have always been a service in demand at OPL, and one is available by appointment during our support hours: Noon-4pm Tuesday through Friday.  This service is offered through a computer workstation placed in our Foyer, allowing patrons to use the computer while maintaining isolation and distancing suggestions.  Times are available in 15-minute increments up to 45 minutes, with a requisite 15-minute sanitization period subsequent. The keyboard and mouse are covered in saran wrap which is changed with each use, and a full wipe-down of all surfaces and contact points with a Bleach-based Germicidal cleaner is performed afterward.  Access to the library and its facilities is prohibited, with any printed material brought to the patron by the staff.

Fax and Print Services

The standard printing and faxing fees have been waived to keep the service accessible to patrons.  Printing up to 20 pages is available, and faxes may be sent or received by appointment during Support Hours.

Online Storytime, Video Events, Community Outreach

Our Program Coordinator has created and uploaded content on the OPL Facebook page and Youtube channel in service to our youth patrons and as an outreach to other community members.  This content ranges from Porch Story book readings to Sing-Along Songs with Ukulele accompaniment to entertaining and educational Cooking Instruction, and even image-based scavenger hunts.  We have added numerous public resource links to our website to provide an easy access point for patrons to find even more information and material.

Continual Improvement

The staff continues to work toward the betterment of the library.  We have used our time for organization and optimization of our collection and for upgrading of computers and other equipment.  New signage is in place and walls in the meeting room have been repainted to prepare for re-opening.  We are revising existing policies and writing new procedures to meet new safety needs.

Staff Health

The OPL staff cannot serve our community if we allow our own health to be compromised.  We are using our best judgment for personal protections with consideration of all recommendations from the CDC and both State and local Health Departments.  We continue to work with one another, monitoring our own health closely for the protection of our families and of our patrons.


We look forward to seeing our patrons again.  We offer our appreciation to those working through the danger, and we support those coping with the crisis in their own ways.  We encourage all our community members to keep safety in mind and exercise caution when using the library’s services.  With practical methods and mutual consideration, we can all move forward.

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