Tuesday Morning Storytime Changes

Starting next week, May 31st, Tuesday morning Storytime will be split in to two sessions; 10:00am and 11:00am, to better serve our growing group. Wednesdays at 4:00pm will still take place.  Please review our expectations to ensure a successful storytime for everyone.

Tuesday Structure: Mother Goose on the Loose Storytime is designed for a maximum 15 toddlers. Once the first session starts, the doors will close and you will be asked to join us at 11:00am.


Parents, grandparents, and caregivers: This is a ½ hour nursery rhyme program for you and your toddler to bond and it is crucial that each person participates. You are expected to sing along, doing the hand motions and movements that correspond with each rhyme, during the entire session.  The lap sit structure is facilitated by our program coordinator; she is not an entertainer for the toddlers.

Conversations: Once the program begins, please save your conversations with others until after the storytime has ended. We want everyone to be engaged and active in the program.

Cell Phone Courtesy: Please keep cell phone use to a minimum. Snapping a few quick pictures of your child during storytime is great! We loving seeing photos and videos after the event. However, scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed, checking email, etc. during the event is discouraged. You are welcome to step out of the room to take a call.

Behavior:  We understand that children this age don’t sit perfectly still. It is okay for them to stand up, dance, sing, and play along with the storytime. If your child comes up to the felt board or starts running around the outside of the circle, please physically retrieve the child and bring him/her back to your lap. If his/her behavior becomes distracting for the group, please feel free to step outside the room to regroup. We understand these things happen with toddlers, and that’s okay! You are welcome to rejoin us as soon as you both are ready.

Free Play: After storytime ends you are welcome to join us for an activity or craft with the group. This is an excellent opportunity for socialization between the children and the adults. We ask that you follow the library’s rules and policies by closely monitoring your child.  Running, chasing, screaming, and pulling books off of the shelves are all discouraged. We want to instill proper library manners early while being respectful to the other library patrons.

The library believes storytime can continue to grow and be a successful event with everyone’s cooperation.  We hope this refresher was informative and look forward to seeing you at storytime.
Thank you,
The Otterbein Public Library

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